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Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies

Ancients Celts in Ireland used many of our natural herbs as remedies for common ailments. Nowadays we have a whole industry dedicated to pharmaceuticals but us Irish make up our own rules. In this week’s article we are going to take a look at the best ancient Irish remedies vs. modern Irish remedies.

Our resident herbologist Sister Brigid has an ailment for everything you can think of, but are they the answer or have the Irish come up with new and better ways of dealing with everyday illnesses?

Let’s start with the modern remedies

7up – The ultimate cure for anything

Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies - Vaults Live

Of course flat 7up is at the top of the list for modern Irish ailments. The crème de la crème of modern Irish pharmaceuticals. Whether you’re staying home from school with a sore stomach, or in hospital with back pain. There is an Irish mother somewhere slowly taking the gas out of a bottle of 7up and sending it your way. Whenever anyone has a whiff of a sore throat, there will be a value pack of 7up already deflating in the kitchen. It’s got to a stage where it doesn’t even matter what’s wrong, 7up seems to be the first protocol for nearly everything.


Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies - Vaults Live

As a child most Irish people at some stage would have taken a bit of whiskey to sooth a sore tooth, this is normal here. Before even considering going to a pharmacy whiskey is the first port of call because everyone seems to have a bit of whiskey in the house. It’s offered more so to babies and kids purely because they are prone to tooth pain more than adults, maybe that’s why the Irish have such a bad reputation?

Fresh Air

Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies - Vaults Live

Probably the most common suggestion for any sickness in Ireland is Fresh Air. 60% of the time, it works everytime.

And Now The Ancient Remedies


Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies - Vaults Live

Bar being the bane of every Irish persons childhood, nettles actually have healing qualities that the ancient Celts discover and used quite regularly. Nettles contain a lot of nutrients and are known to reduce inflammation. One of the stranger ailments it is known to cure is actually hay fever. Hay fever causes inflammation in the nose, so as a anti-inflammatory, nettles to the rescue.


Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies - Vaults Live

Fennel has a lot of healing qualities and is used as a tea to help with digestion. It’s very good for the aul gas and bloating also. But, the most common use for fennll in Ireland was to releive heartburn. So if you are dying with the heartburn, our resident herbalist Sister Brigid can help you with that. Rennies do absolutley nothing and it’s about time we all admitted it.


Ancient Irish Remedies vs. Modern Irish Remedies - Vaults Live

Dandelions seem to be natures equivalent to 7up. Also used by the ancient Celts as a medicine to treat malaria and jaundice. The other ailments it provides include appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, and bruises. The root is also used to make coffee which is still sold today, which can be traced back to County Cork. It cleanses your liver and balances pH levels in your body, it’s awful fancy altogether.

It seems to be a close race, which do you think wins? Modern or Ancient forms of remedies?

If you would like to find out more about ancient Irish remedies make sure to check out [prices to visit and experience Vaults.Live] and pay Sister. Brigid a visit. Would you believe St. Patrick conferred her degree?