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A Day In Dublin – The Perfect Way To Spend Your Sunday

A Day In Dublin – The Perfect Way To Spend Your Sunday

Ever get to the weekend and the only plans you have are to stay on the couch and eat your own body weight in chocolate? Me too. Every week we are going to be taking you guys through the perfect day in Dublin, so you can sit back, relax and leave the decision making to us. Christmas has come and gone and we are all 2 stone heavier and happier for it. We have spent the last week drinking, eating and using the excuse ‘F**k it it’s Christmas’ far too often. It’s time to throw on the new gladrags, open the curtains and step outside for the day. Don’t worry you can leave all the decision making up to us. There is so much to see, do and eat in Dublin so it would be a shame for anyone to miss out. Check in with us every weekend to make sure you aren’t missing out. This week we are going to start off in Grand Canal to have one of the most satisfying meals you may ever have.


A day in Dublin - The Perfect Sunday - Herbstreet Herbstreet is renowned as being one of Dublin’s top brunch spots and after one visit you will understand why. Whether you want sweet or savoury pancakes, a full Irish or even steak they have you covered. If you do decide to go to Herbstreet do yourself a favour and get the Eggs Benedict and a side of beef hash. You can forward all thank you messages to …, After you have had your feed you can head into town and get some fresh air for yourself. If you still have a few bits to buy for Christmas George’s Arcade is your best bet. It has a mix of clothes shops, jewellery stalls and nick nacks. The best shop in there has to be Maktus. Before you head back in to the manic Christmas shopping zone you should take a minute to let your food settle and get some fresh air, que the Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Gardens

A day in Dublin - The Perfect Sunday - Botanic Gardens Located just passed Phibsborough the National Botanic Gardens is one of the most magical places in Dublin at Christmas time. Make sure you are all wrapped up and are ready to feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful indoor greenhouses Dublin has to offer. And did I mention it’s free?


A day in Dublin - The Perfect Sunday - Maktus Do you ever find a shop that you look forward to visiting even if you don’t plan on buying anything(but you always end up buying something). It’s like a library of fun, unique and hilarious presents that you buy for a friend just so you can use. I mean where else would you find the most perfect mug for your collection? Once you have your last few bits it’s time for the main attraction, Vaults.Live of course.

Trinity College

A day in Dublin - The Perfect Sunday - Trinity College It’s a sin but being from Ireland we always over look the ‘tourist’ like things to do, but 9/10 we have never done them ourselves. Trinity College is a world renowned college and if you have no walked around it’s grounds and taking in its beautiful architecture I’m telling you this weekend is the time.


Fun Things To Do In Dublin Ireland - Vaults Live - Front Vaults.Live is Dublin’s newest premiere attraction, and if you don’t believe us just have a look at our TripAdvisor. Situated just past Christchurch we are Dublin’s newest Immersive Theatre. Whether you are looking for a good belly laugh or just are interested to know a but more about Ireland’s history, we are your new destination. After all that shopping you may want to kick back and relax in our parlour. Depending on how the shopping is going you can grab a coffee or even a glass of wine. We have gift and treats from every corner of the country so make sure Best Things To Do In Dublin Ireland - Vaults Live - Foyer Once you have your coffee, or your wine, and got your last few bits from the gift shop you can head back into town and have a 5 star meal at one of Dublin’s premiere restaurants.


A day in Dublin - The Perfect Sunday - Japanese food is yummy After a long day of hard work it’s finally time to sit back, relax and unwind. There’s nothing better then going to restaurant that has an amazing selection of drinks as well as food. A cocktail in one hand and a sushi roll in the other, can you even think of a better duo?

Be sure to view prices to visit and experience Vaults.Live. Book tickets in advance online and save up to 20% on one of the best things to do in Dublin.