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Explore Dublin through the eyes of a local

Ever get to the weekend and the only plans you have are to stay on the couch and eat your own body weight chocolate? Not that they aren’t amazing plans or anything but maybe leave that for Friday night and shake a leg Sunday. Making those small little decisions on where to go and what to do seem so daunting after slaving away in work for the week. That’s where we come in. Every week we are going to be taking you guys through the perfect day in Dublin. So you can sit back, relax and leave all the decision making to us.

The slowest month of the year is well and truly living up to its name. We are only halfway through January and already there seems to be a blizzard en route. Only in Ireland would you make it through Christmas without the sight of snow and as soon as January comes along it’s like Anna and Elsa have taken over.

Now that the weather is getting that bit colder we can get away with staying in nice and cosy but Sunday is the day to be out and about.

Since we have been starting out with a bit of a stroll before we get our food let’s keep it up. Make is feel like we deserve it, not that we don’t.

St. Patrick’s Park

Again, there’s something going on in Dublin where people just don’t know about these parks. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - St. Patrick's Park

Situated just past Christchurch, we can’t believe this national treasure has gone more or less unnoticed for so long. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the main attraction of the park but it is filled with beautiful flowers, trees and even fountain… fancy. The perfect spot to kick back, relax and work up an appetite. Whether it’s Summer of Christmas this park will never disappoint.

Bounce Back

One of the liberties hidden gems is this Mexican café, Bounce Back. They have a ridiculous amount of selection ranging from focaccia’s to burritos and even mouth-watering desserts like Nutella cookies. Renowned in the area for their mouth-watering Mexican flavours, they are fast becoming the burrito to beat in Dublin. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - Bounce Back

If burritos aren’t your thing they also do an amazing Irish breakfast and for everyone out there full of notions, they even have smashed avocado… pause for the oooooh’s and ahhhhhh’s.

Once you are fed and watered and ready to seize the day, it’s time for that all important highlight of the day, VAULTS.LIVE of course.

Vaults Live

For those of you who are still a bit unsure of what we do here in Vaults.Live lets delve a bit deeper. Vaults.Live is an immersive theatre which tells the history and folklore of Ireland in a fun and entertaining way. People seem to be a bit afraid of the words Immersive Theatre so lets go into a bit more details. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - Vaults.Live

Immersive Theatre: An immersive theatre is not your traditional theatre. In a traditional theatre there is a clear separation between the audience and the show as a result of the stage. In an immersive theatre this line is blurred. For us here in Vaults.Live we do not have the traditional stage and audience seating, we have scenes. These scenes are just that, scenes which relate to each story being told. It is a bit of a daunting idea to be side by side with the actors during the scenes but we guarantee it makes for a much more interactive and memorable experience. Here at Vaults.Live you don’t just come to see the performance, you are a part of the performance.

Hopefully that will shed a bit of light on what we do here. Time for a pint and a bit of grub.


Lucky’s is coming up to their anniversary for their first year being open and they have achieved a lot in such a short space of time. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - Luckys

With a sleek interior, great food, fresh DJ’s and great drink selection there’s no reason this shouldn’t be your new stomping ground. As well as a tasty sandwich menu they also have a stunning sandwich menu as well as pizza’s from the well known coke lane pizza. They have a food truck in their smoking area which should be the deal breaker if you haven’t already been convinced. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - Luckys

The Tivoli Theatre

The Tivoli Theatre hosts the widest range of events and shows of nearly any theatre in Dublin. From drag queens, to comedian and and from Ted Talks to wrestlers they have something to please everyone.

Snow White Cheerios Panto is currently running up until the end of January so there is still plenty of time to nab a ticket. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - The Tivoli Theatre

The Holiday World Show

The Holiday World Show runs from 25th January – 27th January and is on in the main hall in the RDS. Bringing all the nest offers, packages and destinations together under one roof. It’s the perfet weekend activity, hopefully ending in a Summer holiday. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - The Holiday World Show

If the January blues don’t have you too bogged down and your’re looking for a pick me up for you and the whole family, WigWam has the perfect event.

Family Rave - Dublin City Mum

The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - WigWam Family Rave If you and the whole family are looking for something fun and different to do, we have found just the thing. Wig Wam and Dublin City Mum are hosting a family rave this weekend. Kicking off at 1:30pm this will surely get you and the gang out of those January blues. Tickets range from €6-€11 and are available by following the link.


Believe it or not, Ukiyo is home to one of the best steaks we have ever had. That along with it’s amazing €10 lunch menu makes It the perfect food decision, no matter what time of the day. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - Ukiyo

If you do plan on going for dinner we highly recommend booking out a karaoke room and having a night to remember. We just had our staff Christmas party there last week and we are already talking about going back. Between the mouth-watering food, the hilarious karaoke and the wonderful staff, it was a night to remember.

After a fine feed there is still plenty of room for a pint, and we know just the place.

John Kehoes

Possibly one of the best pints of the black stuff you will get in the city centre. With a sitting room feel upstairs with a fireplace, it’s the perfect spot to sit down, warm up and people watch out the window. The Local Tourist - Things to do, see and eat - John Kehoes

Be sure to view prices to visit and experience Vaults.Live. Book tickets in advance online and save up to 20% on one of the best things to do in Dublin.